Contracting a licensed builder will give you the peace of mind that the works will be:

  1. Covered for insurances & certification
  2. Wont cost more in the end – from having to fix up mistakes

And the following works can be undertaken under the license of the builder:

  • plumbing and drainage (excluding some unregulated plumbing work)
  • gasfitting
  • termite management – chemical
  • electrical work (contact the Electrical Safety Office for more information).

QBCC licensed: A QBCC licence card indicates that a contractor has met certain minimum requirements. For most domestic building work, where a QBCC-licensed contractor is used, QBCC’s Statutory Insurance Scheme provides protection against non-completion, defective work and subsidence. Some work may not require a QBCC licence. Building works over the value of $3300, must be carried out by a QBCC license contrtactror. The objects of the QBCC Act Queensland Building and Construction Commission are to:

  • Regulate the building industry
  • Ensure the maintenance of proper standards in the industry
  • Achieve a reasonable balance between the interests of building contractors and consumers
  • Provide remedies for defective building work
  • Provide for the efficient resolution of building disputes
  • Provide support, education and advice for homeowners and those undertaking building work

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