We have been underway with an extensive Renovation to a two storey home that unfortunately was gutted by a recent fire.

Luckily no one was home at the time of the Fire. This 20 year old brick veneer home is now left with just a few walls standing.

Whilst we undertake the general repairs to rectify and rebuild, we come into discover yet further repairs from the dreaded White Ant or Termite commonly known.

The termite damage has been extensive to this home over the years and we are witnessing the left over results. It amazes me that we don’t take more time to place preventative measures within and on the outside of our homes.

Here are a few images below that outline the true devastation that fire and termite damage can have.

Should you suspect that you are living with Termites we recommend you be pro-active and have a thorough inspection to determine how far the damage could be. You may well be able to repair early on by reviewing, rectifying and placing preventative barriers for peace of mind.